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Drawing on core Christian values and traditions, the Taskforce is committed to offering a strong Christian moral voice into what has become a heated and hostile public debate fuelled by divisive political rhetoric and constantly changing policies. Read the full story, Why Churches Care About Asylum Seekers.

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Taskforce’s Pre-Budget Policy Submission

  • March 27th, 2014

The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce’s Pre-Budget Policy Submission advocates for an urgent and comprehensive review of all spending related […]


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Young university students with Misha Coleman. They are Tamils in a refugee camp in India, and they are fantastic.


Hazaran asylum seeker spreading joy to Melbourne residents on Black Harmony Day.


Staff at OfERR in Chennai, India, explaining their work to Taskforce EO. Part of their work is warning asylum seekers about people smuggling.


Taskforce Patron Bishop Phillip Huggins and EO Misha Coleman with Hazaran asylum seekers after Taskforce members gave evidence at the Senate hearings on proposed changes to the Complementary Protection Visa legislation.